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Tuesday, September 22, 2015; Chetumal - Belize City, 156 km, hot and dampy

Leaving Chetumal I was already at the border after a few kilometers, where the well-known document fight started again. This time they sent me to another mexican boarder 3 kilometers away as they eplained that they were not able to do the paperwork. So I went over there and after 1/2 h of discussion I finally got everything done and returned back to the first boarder where the entrance to Belize is located. There everything was quite organized and suddenly I could change back to english again, as the official language of the formerly British Honduras is still english. Driving smoothly towards Belize city and searching for a Hotel I ended up by chance at the local Airport, where suddenly a guy talked to me in my home dialect "Schwäbisch" and asked me where I come from and where going to... Bruno introduce himself, saying that he had already been living in Belze for 20 years and was actually on the flight back home to the south of the country. Whe exchanged emails and I got some recommendations and went further on into the city, asking for the way to a hotel, when a car stopped and a guy asked me if I need help.

Franco, an italian guy introduced himself and his wife Dagmar and her sister Daniela and they spontanuously invited me to their home. It was a very nice evening with italian pasta and redwine and a lot of talking in English and Italian.

The next morning they prepared me a marvelous breakfast, we took some pictures and then Franco accompanied me on his GS out of town... You see bikers are a special type, always open to helping each other. Thank you very much, Boscardi Family, for this wonderful evening and your hospitality.


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