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Sunday, October 4, 2015; San Jose - Paso Canoas, 311 Km, first sun, then a heavy rain cooled down to 12°C

This morning I started with marvelous sunshine and 26° to climb up the mountains to the south-east of San Jose. The road was curvy and went up to more than 3.330 m altitude. And it got colder and colder. On the way, I met Florian, a german guy, living in Costa Rica and is teacher in San Jose. We chatted a while in "schwäbisch" and then went back to the road. Unfortunately, then even the rain started and it was that much fog, that I had to reduce speed. Although the landscape was breathtaking, to take any more pictures wouldn't have made any sense due to the fog and then the rain made the driving really cold and unpleasant. However I managed it to the border towards Panama and searched a place to dry and sleep.

Paso Canoas was a strange small town with a lot of people hanging around and propably either heading towards Panama or coming from there.

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015; San Jose/ Costa Rica

The reason why I needed to go to San Jose, is the urgent need of a new rear tire. Beside the hole I had some days ago, there a various scratches in the surface and the profile is at almost zero. Yesterday evening, I still passed at BMW motorcycles Costa Rica, but they didn't have the tire I wanted and the one they had was 330 USD... crazy. In germany, the same costs approx. 100 Euro.


This morning, I first called all bike dealers in San Jose in order to find a tire but no sucess. Then while leaving the Hotel, I saw the Piaggio and Aprilia representation, went there and found Enrique, the owner, who immediately helped me. He started calling a friend and short after told me, that the friend has some fitting tires. Instead of explaining me the way, he took his Aprilia Capo Nord and accompanied me.


And his friend Marco was the owner of Touratech Costa Rica. 2 different types of tires with the right size were available and Marco showed me his very moderns service area and immediately instructed his guys to mount the new tire. Everything was at its finest and Marco made even a very fair price. So whoever comes to CR, go to Touratech and you will be served very well.

The rest of the day, I spent with writing and getting my next planning up to date...

Friday, October 2nd, 2015; San Juan del Sur/ Nicaragua - San Jose/ Costa Rica, 273 km, sun and rain changing, in San Juan finally cooler with 23°C

The road took me through the country side and soon I passed Amaya, one of Nicaraguans wind craft parks with a lot of state of the art wind-mills. Even on with a broken wing, but spareparts were laying at the site. Then soon later, the border was reached.

I was disappointed, even Costa Rica is not at all more developed in it's border procedures and the 2 1/2 h are getting standard. The more I was approaching San Jose, the better the road and more modern the cars. But also the gasoline price went up since I crossed the border. As the name says, the country is "rica" and thus the prices are high. In San Juan almost european level.



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