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Tuesday, September 29, 2015;

As the hotel is so nice and I urgently have to write and to check another day, if the air remains in the tire, I decided to stay another night. In the morning, the first step after coffee was to the local barber shop where I got a haircut and a nice smooth shave. Yes, here it is still possible to sit down, relax and get a professional shaving.

Monday, September 28, 2015; Tegucigalpa - El Paraiso, 113 km, fair with 30°C

Leaving Tegucigalpa as fast as possible, I wanted to get to Nicaragua today and was soon in El Paraiso to have a short rest, getting gasoline and only 2 km after restart, I heard a noise at the rear wheel, some seconds after another as if something was fallen out and immediately the red warning lamp went on, signalizing a flat rear tire. I already had expected something like that! Parking the bike of the road, the already known procedure started. Repair kit out, hole identified, it was a big one with at least 8mm diameter and it seemed that some steel or whatever has entered. I was afraid, that my repair kit wouldn't be enough and in fact, Icouldnt seal the hole properly. At least it was enough to drive back slowly to El paraiso, where I found right at the entrance a small repair shop. The guys were very competent and promissed me, that they can repair the tire and they did. With easiest tools the tire was dismounted, the whole repaired with a double sticker (it holds better, the guy told me) and as it was already dark again, they recomended me one of the hotels in town... which is a real pearl. Not to expensive and very nice, with a pool integrated in the patio, with competent and very friendly people. What a difference to Tegucigalpa! So "el Paraiso" kept word and everything was fine at the end.

Sunday, September 27, 2015; Puerto Cortes - Tegucigalpa, 320 km, first hot and moist and then more in the mountains cooler

The start today was not to early, but I wanted to make it to Tegucigalpa. On the way, I passed the Lago de Yojoa with a beautiful view at the surounding mountains. Later, the road was impressing, a smooth 4 line highway in best conditions.

Compared to Guatemala, I had the impression, that here it seems more dangerous. All properties are closed with high fences and at every shopping area there were armed private security guards. Even samll shops at the road are closed and service is done through a hole in the grate.

Tegucigalpa is one of the bigger industrial cities and it was dirty, load and chaotic. And it seemed much more americanized with all the US junk food chaines available.


My Navi, which was working fine until Mexico, now didn't do any more what it's supposed to do. No adress was found and finding a Hotel was a challenge. I tried to compare the Google maps direction with the navi to identify, where I am and where I have to go but finally figured out that the navi showes me something different than where I really was. Starting to ask people where to find a Hotel led immediately to success, and I remember, that was how we did it once, before the world got digitalized.

However, this hotel was the lousiest I had up to now for an unreasonable high price, with very unfriendly and unprofessional personal and it was loud and sticky.

And the dinner at a chinese comedor (eating hall) around the corner (the guard told me it is to dangerous to walk around a night) did the rest and I got heavy stomach pain all night...

Saturday, September 26, 2015; Rio Dulce - Puerto Cortes, 173 Km, most sunny with one heavy rain

Starting in the morning heading towards Honduras, I soon arrived at the border and wanted to start the process. But there I was told, that I first have to drive back 8 Km to make the passport clearance at a point, where I didn't even think to stop before. Arriving back there, having of course cought the rain, which I hoped to escape from, I was told to go back another 2 km to make the bike declaration first. Well, done that and afterwards, having the passport stamped, I went back to the boarder which I understood now, was only the Honduras part. Alread assuming, that I will have to pay this and that, I first changed the remaining Guatemaltecan Quetzal to Honduran Lempira with one of the money changer, which are at every border, and then started the immigration process. But in meanwhile a crowd of at least 20 biker from Guatemala had arrived and where all in front of me. After approximately 3 h and 3 copies of each: the passport, the entrance stamp, the driver license, the bike document and the export confirmation fromGuatemala, I finally could go.

Coming to Puerto Cortes and looking for a hotel, I suddenly found all the bikers again, standing in front of the hotel where I wanted to go. After a short chat, they invited me to their evening meeting event with some other groups from Guatemala and Honduras. There was everything presented, from heavy Harleys down to small 125 Suzuki and everthing in between.


After checking in, I joined them and we went to a private owned lot at the beach, where the party started. Eddy, the president of one of the Guatemaltecan clubs accompanied me all evening, took care that I had enough to drink and presented me to all the others. I have to say, I felt very good and safe and it was real fun to drive through the city with all the others...  it was late when we returned to the hotel.


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