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Thursday, October 1st, 2015; Managua - San Juan del Sur, 139 Km, sunny and hot

Leaving Managua towards the pacific, I wanted at least to spend one afternoon at the seaside. The ride was niceand comfortable and the road was in good condition. Even here in Nicaragua there are everywhere the little 3-wheeler taxies. The landscape wasn't changing much compared to Honduras. I arrived at the seaside at about 1 o'clock and enjoyed the afternoon in the sun with reading and looking at the people. San Juan del Sur was almost empty and it seemed, the tourist season is already over.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015;

El Paraiso/ Honduras - Managua/ Nicaragua, 262 km, sun and rain and very humid

After the repaired tire kept the air, I started this morning again towards south-east. The border was reached after 15 minutes and the already known procedures started again. There are always so called Intermittende, persons who like to accompany the unexperienced tourists through the clearance process for a tip afterwards. This time I decided to select one of those guys to use his help and indeed, we had finished everything at Honduras side after 10 minutes.

At the Nicaraguan customs I agreed then to also get help, but it showed now, that the success is very person-related. This time it didn't go any faster than if I would have done it on my own... so only small tip.


The ride afterwards until Managua was unspectacular and with rain I just wanted to find a dry place while arriving. THe hotel was a pure mess and the dirtiest I had ever found up to now, but at least it was dry.


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