Actual news:

In meanwhile it is mid of november and my planning was, to be in Peru.


Up to now. I made approx. 32.000 Km, which is exactly in line with the overall assumption of 50.000 Km.


In the next days, I will update the ecuadorian part and there are still some awesome pictures....

Wednesday, October 28, 2015; Quito: old City

We used the day to walk around Quito and visit the old City center with all its churches, places and the Basilica.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015; Ibarra - Quito, 123Km, cool with 2850 m altitude

Finally after one week, the last of us left and I had to go to Quito for the 50.000 Km service. Ira also wanted to go there so we drove together. Michael and Frauke had already left to head south and to be in Ushuaia mid of december.

Patrizia had recommended us the Hostal Zentrum, owned by Gerd, an 85 year old original Hamburg guy, who right after arrival proudly presented us his house.

Friday, October 23 to Monday, October 26, 2015; Finca Sommerwind

Well, as it happended already to others, it was the same also for us. The Finca had a magic attraction, which didn't let us go. On Friday, some others from the Steelrat arrived as well as Daniela by bus and on Saturday, there was a lunch party for the BMW-Club of Ecuador with some 20 bikes and around 25 BMW cars. We were helping Patrizia and Hans with the preparations, in the kitchen and with the grills and the two prepared us a marvelous dinner near a camp fire after the club left.

Thursday, October 22, 2015; Ibarra - Otavalo and back, 50 Km, nice and dry

After a day off with washing, reading relaxing, we took the chance and went to the famous local market in Otavalo, where a lot of handcrafted cloth, masks, hats, pictures and other little tourist naps from the indians are offered. Beeing on the motorbike wi no space at ll, to say "no gracias" was not that difficult. But to see all the motifs and the ponchos and colours was nice. At the end, Michael needed some minutes to review all what we have seen and then we returned to our "home Finca Sommerwind".

Tuesday, October 20, 2015; Ipiales/ Colombia - Ibarra/ Ecuador, 150 Km, nice and dry

The first task in the morning was to visit the famous neogotic Church "el Santuario de las Lajas" which was constructed, based on a vision of the virigin maria by a young girl in 1754. The church is build with its altar side into the rock. A lot of people are coming there to thank for protection and support, which they demonstrate with small plates, fixed on the rocks around.

After a walk down to the church and up again (there have been a lot of stairs !!!) we wanted to go to the boarder but were first slowed down by the locals, who had decided to cut down a tree, which was standing right beside the road. After a 15 min waiting time, the tree was moved aside and we headed for the boarder and started the custom process.This time it went smooth and fast. It was well organized and easy. Instead of copies from all documents, the custom officer just made a picture with her smart phone! So it can also pragmatic.


And then we went directly to the Finca Sommerwind, a well known camping spot near Ibarra, managed by a german couple Patrizia and Hans.

They provide a hospitality at their finca, which is extraordinary and a lot of travellers just stay much longer as originally planned due to the marvelous place and the familiar atmosphere. Even 5 dogs are around and search for a hug from everybody who is available. We installed our tents, met Ira, another german girl with her bike and started to relax...


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